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Hull is the city of my birth, but I have lived in the Beverley area for the past 20 years. I have a family in Hull and a family in Australia. Travelling to shores, both near and far, is often on my agenda. What keeps me young at heart? My grandchildren and my zest for life.

Wednesday, 4 April 2018


Today I have returned to my blogsite after a long absence. I am grateful to my fellow writer, Linda Acaster, who runs a very successful blogsite, for nudging me in the right direction. After the demise of my publisher, Hale, I seemed to be in a place far removed from the publishing world, but I never stopped writing because it is my passion, though sometimes it was hard to have belief in myself. Now, I have a lovely agent and she has restored my zest to be published. So, 2018 will be my year to return to the publishing world and once more to be on the bookshelves of everywhere possible.

On Saturday 28 April, Linda and I are attending Anita Chapman's Social Media Course for Writers. It will cover: Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and blogging for writers. I have accounts for all four, but do not use them to their full advantage. As a published author, publicity for promoting ones books is vital.

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  1. Just finished reading The Yearning Heart, which I enjoyed very much. I was born in Hull and my sisters live in Beverley. I am now looking forward to reading The Lost Daughter.